How to Convert Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

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Having certain critical elements on your website can significantly help with targeted lead generation. Here are some elements to consider: 1. Provide a Short Form on Every Page Allow your visitors to quickly get in touch with you through a short form that they can easily find and fill out. Ask only for critical information making your form cleaner and easier to fill out. You can start with name, email, phone and message fields. Leads generated through this form can be sent to you as an email or be connected to a CRM if you are planning to check it […]



Online Marketing Basics for Business Growth

Online Marketing Basics To Grow Your Small Business

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Internet marketing moves at the speed of light with thousands of businesses competing for attention. To stay ahead, you must have a deeper understanding of your customer’s actual needs and how you can meet those needs differently. Here are some basics to help you grow your small business. 1. Start With Your Customers Before you think of building a framework or campaign, its best to start with your customer in mind. The more clear you can be about their actual needs and expectations the better odds you have to connecting with them. We would suggest starting with Customer Personas. If […]

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